TrainID is a one stop shop for everything that concerns emergency response training. Whether you are looking for training, training tools and equipment or support and advice on training issues or building training facilities.

was founded in 2003, but our experience goes back to 1985 when TrainID's founder, became one of the first instructors in a large emergency response training facility in Rotterdam. During his career as instructor, head of education & training and in the end as Director of several training facilities in the USA and Germany, he gained his knowledge and experience in the use, management and operation of these facilities. 

In 2006 TrainId was joined by Drs. Annemieke Brouwer, a trained psychologist, economist and behavior trainer. Her unique combination of psychology and economics and her fast experience and knowledge about behavior, management, team structures and leadership, has let to a more in depth design of our Train-the-Trainer courses, communication and management courses as well as providing a substantial support.

Now a days TrainID works with over 20 professionals and other companies, all experts and leaders in their field and always on call so to speak. We offer training, products, consultancy and are actually involved in many training facilities world wide.

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